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LinkedFusion for Connecting

Higher Response Rates Compared to Cold Emails.


LinkedFusion for Converting

Higher conversions from communications started on LinkedIn compared to email.​


LinkedFusion for Messaging

Get more responses compared to Email 


Most Efficient way to accelerate sales and revenue.

Accelerate sales and revenue at scale and automated with the most advanced sales sequences. Outperform your competition.

LinkedIn Automation Tools For:





Insurance Agents



Car Dealers


An advanced social selling enablement Software

Arrange differentiated, multi-modal sales engagements via a single platform and fill your pipeline with top-class leads.


Sales automation Process for better results

The most effective sales sequences to grow sales & revenue. Go beyond your competitor.


pragmatic sales data throughout your Sales stack

Get insight on real-time sales across all sales-channels by making important decisions.


A Sales Workflow that is consistent & connected

Integrate sales stack effortlessly to get a smooth sales experience. LinkedFusion fills the gaps automatically to make your sales team concentrative & winning.

How LinkedFusion works for LinkedIn automation

1. Decide your Target Audience

Firstly, find the users that are likely to be targeted customers for your business with the help of filter option on LinkedIn.

Narrow down the audience by filtering with first name, last name, profession, country, and more to find the right users for your business.

If users are relevant with similar interest to your business, there will be fewer chances that LinkedIn users will reject your invitations. As the more LinkedIn connections, you will have, the more your business growth would be.

  • Relevant users
  • Increase the acceptance rate
  • Grow business audience​

2. Run Multiple Campaigns on Auto Mode

As soon as you have collected the right audience for your business, it is time to take action.

Create various campaigns as per different market niche requirements, and put them on autopilot mode.

LinkedFusion-A modern sales engagement platform-will automate LinkedIn visits, send LinkedIn invitations and messages & schedule follow-up messages for you.

  • Create a new campaign
  • Let it run on autopilot mode
  • Simplify sales funnel​

3. Schedule Unlimited Messages

LinkedFusion allows you to schedule personalized messages as many as you want.

Because LinkedFusion is a fully cloud-based platform, do not worry about turning your computer on or off, schedule messages 24/7, and maximize leads for your business.

With auto follow-ups, expect more response rates from LinkedIn users and maximize appointments.

  • Set unlimited messages ​
  • Fully cloud-based software
  • Higher response rate

4. Improve Campaign Insights

Updated metrics from multiple campaigns lets you get better insights into LinkedIn prospects.

It will help understand important points such as numbers of accepted invitations, response rate, etc.

Apply working strategy gained from campaigns on the next prospects’ engagement.

  • Get new insight
  • Level up strategy
  • Apply the same on next campaigns

LinkedIn Automation For Better Lead Generation...

Prospects are important for lead generation...

Establish relationships with prospects by LinkedIn automation software

linkedin lead generation

Sell to more customers via the LinkedIn automation tool by shortening the sales cycle.

linkedin lead generation

LinkedFusion helps qualify leads and increase the conversion rate for your business.

linkedin lead generation

With LinkedFusion, you can make fruitful connections in LinkedIn easily & faster.

linkedin lead generation

Great features of LinkedFusion help your LinkedIn profile to boost with more endorsements.

More lead, more business...

Increase Your Conversion Rate for LinkedIn Lead Generation

linkedin lead generation

LinkedIn is the #1 social media channel for B2B marketing leads.

linkedin lead generation

LinkedIn has 610 million active users.

linkedin lead generation

LinkedIn is used by 50% of B2B buyers when making a purchase decision.

linkedin lead generation

90% of C-Suite executives never respond to cold calls or emails.

Let’s Integrate LinkedFusion with your preferred CRM tool

Hubspot Native Integration

SalesForce Native Integration


Google Sheets

Incoming Webhooks

PipeDrive Native Integration

With LinkedFusion you also get…


Secure Prospecting

LinkedFusion offers secure prospecting where there is no scope of security-related issues.

linkedin prospecting

Advanced Filtering

With LinkedFusion, you can use filtering features to add, remove, or organize your targeted prospects.

bulk messaging

Bulk Messaging​

Take the most out of your current & future contacts with the help of bulk messaging for updates and new value.

Cloud Based LinkedIn Automation Software



Still, using extensions? Our cloud-based tool ensures safety, as it acts as a user with a proxy IP address from your location and no need for your computer machine to be turned on. You will create a campaign and we will take care of it. Our expert development team keeps always their eyes on keeping a system error-free.

Schedule Multiple Campaigns

Now, with LinkedFusion, you can schedule more than one campaign in advance. Once your current campaign is done, the next one begins automatically. Use your business time actually for generating leads and getting new business by scheduling campaigns outside your working time.

Campaign Manager

With LinkedFusion campaign manager, you have a tabular view to see all your campaigns. LinkedFusion facilitates you to do more with your campaigns such as; edit, pause, or activate in just one click. Now you can switch between any two campaigns and reach your prospects whenever you wish.

LinkedFusion-A Modern Sales Engagement Platform-is designed to improve prospects engagements, grow lead generation and drive more revenue. Make sales funnel easy & simplified.

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